Shock to Acceptance

I recently learn that there’s grieving stages in breaking up. I actually heed my friend’s advice to Google it. Yea, I am desperate. I am desperate to get over him.

I told my friend that I crave for chocolates, ice cream and cakes every single day but disgusted just by looking at food. I lost all my appetite, even if you placed a plate of salmon sashimi infront of me, I doubt I can finish it.  I learn that all this is perfectly normal.

Shock, denial, isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. These stages are not in order; i can jump from this stage to another, repeating it till I finally get over you.

At some point of time, i wanted to crush him alive and want him back at the same time. It’s confusing but this is totally normal.

I am finally through with the stage of denial. I accept the fact of heartbreak and no longer hope for reunion. Last week I facebook stalk him, till last Saturday I stop doing it. Although I still have the desire to know what he’s doing now, how well he has been coping with life but I stop myself from doing it. It’s already 4 day since I suppressed my desire to stalk him. I believe I can continue suppressing my feelings forever.

As for other stages, i am still going through, jumping from this stage to another and going back to the same stage. I am afraid I can’t get over him. I told my friend I am afraid he talked to girls, flirt with girls. My friend than told me it’s normally to feel this way and if he really does that, the more you should forget about him because this prove what kind of guy he is. After hearing this, I kind of wish he could flirt with other girls and get into a relationship with one. If he does that, the more I can get over him.

Despite being depressed and afraid that I couldn’t get over him, I am constantly reminded that there are many people backing me up. There are many people helping me up when I was about to fall. I am grateful and I promised that I will get over him. No matter how long it will take, I am willing to give in my best. I am doing this for myself, not to prove to him anything.

Thank you.

I have deleted those two post that i wrote about him, not because i am guilty of anything but since we once shared something together, i decided i shall not hurt your ego any further. Be it fake stories or true stories, i believe that the truth can defend itself, only a lie needs to be defended. Who’s the one defending oneself, i will leave it to you people to decide.


Dine in at Ambush

I have been to Ambush over 10 time since 2 years ago and most of the time Vongole with white wine sauce is what i always ordered as my main dish.


Vongole with white wine sauce

Vongole is basically clams cooked in white wine with your choice of pasta. The taste of the pasta and clams cooked with white wine is really addictive. I can say that you will be begging for more! I used to enjoy eating cream based sauce pasta but now I totally fell in love with white wine sauce. Usually when I ordered cream based or tomato based pasta, l get bored and tired of the taste halfway and couldn’t finish the whole plate. As for white wine sauce I couldn’t help myself but to finish the whole plate of pasta even the last drip of the sauce. I drank the leftover sauce as if I was drinking soup.


Vongole with white wine sauce taken at a different angle

If you are fan of Vongole, Ambush and New York New York’s Vongole are recommended!

For this trip to Ambush, I tried this dish; Mini sausage platter with mustard and potato sauce. I always see people ordering Mini sausage platter and I didn’t have the chance to try it because I always end up ordering other side dishes. Since many people ordered this, it doesn’t hurt to try it out right?


Mini sausage platter with mustard and potato sauce


Just by looking, the sausage looks really appealing.

One word; succulent!
The mini sausage dip with the sauce taste heavenly. Not only the sausages have a savoury taste, it also looks very appetizing. I can understand why many people ordered this dish.

That’s about it.


Thanks for reading, bye bye! (:

Mothers’ Day Zoo trip

Last Sunday the girls in my family went on a Zoo trip. It was a Mother’s Day event organised by Ministry of Manpower. There’s lucky draw, goodies bag and free drinks held at the pavilion by the lake.


Off to the Zoooooooooo


Cam-whoring in the bus with Sis!


Daughters with their mother


Our zoo tickets


MOM staff pass

We didn’t attend the lucky draw because it was time consuming and we have so many animals we want to see. We went over to get our free goody bag and drinks. Most Singaporeans loves free stuff and goody bags right?! They gave us a portable fan each which is really convenient in this hot and humid weather, a poncho in case the weather turns bad and a packet of Oreo with a bottle of mineral water. That’s about it. It was nothing much but the stuffs they give are essential for a Zoo trip.

Thank God, the weather was sunny, a perfect day outings!


Love the sunlight, a perfect day taking pictures


My sis with the beautiful sun ray

We walk around for the first hour, looking and admiring at animals till the show time for SPLASH safari. I enjoyed the show a lot because the seal was really cute, talented and definitely well-trained. Didn’t manage to take any pictures of the adorable seal because my sis and i was sitting at the splash zone and i didn’t want to get my phone wet.

Here are some animals i manage to snap with my phone within that hour.


Cotton top tamarin, they allow it to roam around freely




They look like chipmunks


Guess who’s up on the tree?

Can’t miss out Ben and Jerry ice cream in such a hot weather!


What’s on your mind in a hot weather like this?


MUAHA, ice cream!


Petting a pony

After the show we went over to Water safari and look for the famous pandas. The water safari is still new and half of the map was still under construction or maintenance, even the boat ride.
Therefore, those that are keen to go to water safari, you got to wait.


Walking also have to cam-whore x)

These are the animals that i saw in river safari, there are still other animals but they are mostly fishes, so i didn’t take any pictures of them.


ok, i forgot what is this mammal but they have a huge body and a small face. The baby is really cute!


She wanna dive into this deep blue water


Blood-thirsty fish – Piranha




Monkey loves to scratch


The famous Panda




This panda here loves to lean against the tree and not walk around


Cute red fox always sleeping


I love their color


Panda paw everyone. Hahaha!


No pictures with the famous pandas? No problem, they have their statue.

The water safari was really crowded because everyone wants to see the famous JiaJia and KaiKai (pandas). Got to say that everyone is really excited looking at those pandas and i really hope it won’t go extinct one day.

We had our lunch at AhMeng’s restaurant and the fish and chip I ate taste horrible. Not only it taste really terrible and it’s really expensive too. This dish cost SGD 9.50 or 10.50, either one, I can’t remember.


The horrible overprice fish and chip

After lunch, we head back to the zoo and catch the wildlife show at 2.30pm. We left the zoo after that because my sister has to collect her goody bag for her upcoming 25km marathon with my Dad.

These are the few animals that I manage to capture it using my phone while exploring the zoo after lunch.








some lizards species



Lastly as a token of memory…


Polaroid pictures!!!

Head home for a shower and dine in at Ichiban Boshi with my mother at Causeway point.


Sweet Shrimp Sashimi


Tako Sashimi


Mini hotpot


Beef for hotpot


Lobster Salad


My new favorite; Scallop with cod fish sauce

That’s basically how i spent my Sunday last week. It was a fulfilled and a exhausting one.

Mothers’ Day Celebration 2013



Howdy! My family had an advanced Mothers’ Day celebration last Saturday. Our family have to celebrate earlier because one of my cousins will be enlisting this week, so we are not able to celebrate on the actual day itself.

I wouldn’t call it a celebration because throughout the whole dinner, there aren’t any wishes or presents going around. We are all eating, talking and laughing away, and apparently, no one brought up the Mothers’ Day topic.
I guess I could only call it a Mother’s Day “dinner” instead of “celebration”.

We dine in at Owen Seafood Restaurant located at Turf City. The place is pretty deserted and it is more accessible by car.
This restaurant is pretty special. They have an area where they place many different kinds of live seafood. The consumers or customers are allowed to enter and pick our own live seafood so it’s always fresh.

Here’s that area i am talking about.


Look at the variety of live seafood!







Coconut Crab

The first dish is “Xiang Ba Bang” (elephant-trunk clam) which is also called Geoduck in English. I think the reason for it to be name “elephant trunk” is because their king size meat and the structure really looks like an elephant trunk. Just 1 Geoduck is sufficient for the 11 of us. Google it if you never heard of it before. Oh, that’s my favorite dish!


Geoduck Sashimi

Most of us ate it as a Sashimi dish while some dip it in a hot soup to cook it. I prefer eating it as a Sashimi because I find it tastier and more fresh compared to the cooked one. Not to forgot, it’s really crunchy when I chew on it.




Baby Kai-Lan

Here’s my second favourite, bamboo clam. That longitudinally bamboo stalk is actually the shell of the clam, and that’s why they are called bamboo clam.


Bamboo Clams


Bamboo Clam with garlic overload


Sea cucumber with broccoli and mushroom


Roasted Pork

My third favourite dish, black pepper crab!


Black Pepper Crab


Chilli Crab


Fried mini bun


Candid with my back view

I guess I have to give my blessings to my mum on the actual Mothers’ Day itself. I find it really important to reflect back and really think about what your mum have gone through for you. (:


指 望

The URL above is a song i start listening recently and i can totally relate to it.


Here’s the English translate:

Aren’t you afraid of being rejected?

Aren’t you afraid of being left out?

Aren’t you afraid to fall into the fate of compromising?

When true love is declared to be lacking

The arrogant rose became withered, piece by piece.

Even though you are you sorry, remorseful

The sincere heart, once fall, won’t be able to fly.


Don’t expect me to understand, don’t expect me to realize.

Love won’t come back with just a nod.

There’s no difference  between happiness and sadness.

Broken heart will be solved at the end.

Don’t expect me to understand, don’t expect me to realize.

Love is not destined to fill in your deficiency.

Too much right and wrong, it’s too late to stop.

Don’t want to keep yearning for this shattered beauty.

This incomplete cycle.


Cousin’s 21st Celebration


Hello (:

HELLO, HELLO! It’s been weeks since I last blogged.
My elder cousin 21st celebration was held at my grandma’s place; the usual place for family gathering or celebrations on special occasion.

Here are some of the dishes that my aunt and I bought for the celebration. Specifically, I only help in carrying but the bill was settled by my aunt. That’s what people say “Ni chu qian, wo chu li”.
But, please don’t think badly of me, I did share the cost of my cousin’s present with my youngest cousin and my sister.

I apologise in advance for the low quality pictures I am going to post. These pictures are taken with my IPhone and I normally will try to make the quality better, but this time round, I am very lazy to edit it.


Cereal Prawn


Fried Squid


Hong Ji Dan, red egg if direct translate x)


Broccoli, mushroom and sea cucumber


Water spinach, also known as Kang Kong


Sweet and sour pork


Omelette with Onion


50 satays


Curry fish head


Canadian pizze’s chicken wings


Hawaiian pizza

Have you realise there’s no birthday cake and pictures of the birthday boy? I forgot to upload the picture in this post and I am really lazy to touch my phone now. Just to let you know, its pass my bedtime so I am using my very last strength to write this post.
The celebration was a success! Everyone is happy and I happy, goodnight!

If a cry a thousand tears, will you shed a single tear for me?


I cried a million tears you didn’t shed a single tear for me.

That’s how strong you are and that’s how weak I am.

That’s the distance between you and me.


I know i am not being missed.

I am lying down on my sofa and thinking about you.

Once upon a time,

There was a huge fire, my room was burning and I was gasping for breath.

I was about to die.

The first thought was you, I thought about you who were living happily in your own world.

I smiled. I smiled at my death.

I smiled because I’ll be the one being missed, at least for once.

Albeit it just for a blink of an eye.